Duplicate Printout Issue

Posted by: Godwin

Duplicate Printout Issue - 11/17/17 05:16 PM

We are experiencing duplicate prints from Printer occurring Intermittently. I looked at the Watch Log and i do not seeing any issues with the file processing. We are using Printer Queue Output Task and the Printer Model is MS811 Lexmark. Is there any known issues which can cause this?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Duplicate Printout Issue - 11/17/17 05:39 PM

Your "Printer Queue Output" task, what is it setup to? Lpr, Windows Output?
Posted by: Godwin

Re: Duplicate Printout Issue - 11/17/17 06:42 PM

It is Windows Output Queue
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Duplicate Printout Issue - 11/19/17 02:54 PM

If you say that in your Watch logs you do not see any trace of duplication, then you could look into the logs of the Windows Event Viewer for the Windows print queue.

It might not be turned on by default so look at this link to do so.

Then next time it re-happen, you will be able to trace the job and see if the windows queue is resubmitting it somehow.

If that still doesn't help, open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or throught our website.