Switching (swapping) Images (Logos)

Posted by: Pat McIntyre

Switching (swapping) Images (Logos) - 05/16/18 04:01 PM

I'm a newbie to PP Designer, yet an experienced Web Developer (30+ Years). I'm importing Customer Data from over 100 Locations (about 1 dozen Brands [Subsidiaries]).

We have corporate Subsidiary Logos that should print on an Invoice form conditional on which Subsidiary the data stream originated from (in our XML / Text file).

Any suggestions on how to make each appear? Thanks.
Posted by: Pat McIntyre

Re: Switching (swapping) Images (Logos) - 05/17/18 08:57 AM

Figured out - created 12 Conditions (based on Image field) and show / don't show each of the 12 Logos based on the matching Condition. Here is a helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTmus7F42D4