File Name Condition

Posted by: Martijn

File Name Condition - 09/29/18 10:20 PM

Good afternoon

I am playing around using the 'File Name Condition' process logic in PP workflow and what i am trying to achieve is separate files based on a specific numeric range in the input PDF file name.

The file name will have a number that is between 70000001 - 79999999 and contained within the file name. For example, the file naming convention is:
"M-70000001-randomtext-text-1.pdf" and i want to create a condition that if the file name after the first "M-" is between the 70000001 - 79999999 range then true otherwise false. Is this achievable using the File Name Condition plugin?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: File Name Condition - 09/30/18 11:50 AM

You'd be better off doing this in a script.

What you should do is make a script condition.

Doing it in the File Name Condition could probably be done but would require a very extensive set of nested File Name Condition using masks.
Posted by: Martijn

Re: File Name Condition - 10/14/18 10:02 PM

Good afternoon

Would it be possible for you to point me in the right direction with creating a script condition using VBScript?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: File Name Condition - 10/15/18 08:32 AM

Click on the link I provided in my previous post. There is also an example in VBScript.

It will show you how to tell the script object to return true or false. the rest, well, it is up to you to program the logic you need to check.