copy files from FTP

Posted by: Sami786

copy files from FTP - 03/14/19 03:59 PM

Hi OL team, Is there a way to just copy some files from FTP without deleting them?

My process using FTP Input but it deletes the file from the FTP site. We are not allowed to remove files or rename them the time stamp should remain the same and we cannot lose the file.

Posted by: Jim Dornbos

Re: copy files from FTP - 04/03/19 02:15 PM

Lately I have been using winSCP to handle ftp transfers. Once you've written (or recorded) your script or batch file, you can run it from PlanetPress, have it grab the files, leaving the originals behind, put the files in a location on your local machine, then use Folder Input to process the files from there.

It was a very straight forward application to start using.

Posted by: Sami786

Re: copy files from FTP - 04/08/19 10:33 AM

I'll try thank, thank you.