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Page counting - 05/01/19 07:34 AM

We've just had some new enveloping machines delivered that are capable of reading barcodes/mail marks etc. I've taken one of our forms and added a Royal Mail MailMark to it. The data for that is xxyy123456 where xx = Current Page, yy=Total pages in set and 123456 = customer number. So for example, 0108123456. The machine reads this fine.

In order for it to work through our Workflow, I obviously need to know the total page count of the record before it's printed.

At the moment, I'm taking the datafile (in Workflow) splitting it into individual records, running it against a script that counts the number of times it sees a certain sequence of words (that always appear just once on every page), taking that number and putting it into a JobInfo and then on my form, I'm picking up that JobInfo to be used as my total pagecount.

It's possible this may be an acceptable way of doing things, but is there a simpler/more efficient/more failsafe way of doing this? I've read up a bit about Metadata in the user guides but don't really follow it too well...

Any help...Many thanks,
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Re: Page counting - 05/03/19 12:35 PM

Hi Phree,

You can use metadata to know the number of pages. If you are not familiar with metadata, there some video on how to use metadata here you need to register in order to have acces. or else You can call us an open a support call so we can help you out. Please open a support call.
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Re: Page counting - 05/07/19 12:46 PM


thanks for the reply. I searched around the OLLearn videos but couldn't find anything on Metadata...Do you have a direct link by any chance?