Rich Text Format - Convert to pdf

Posted by: Howieb

Rich Text Format - Convert to pdf - 05/09/19 08:46 AM

We have an application that produces documents in rich text format (.rtf). I want to be able to save a copy in a shared folder for all users.

I have a process that then uses folder capture for the input and I want to use Print Using a Windows Driver as the output to convert it to a pdf. Unfortunately this does not work.

Is .rtf supported? Is there another way I can convert this to a format I can use in the PPS workflow?
Posted by: Jean-C├ędric

Re: Rich Text Format - Convert to pdf - 05/09/19 09:25 AM

There might be a way to do this. It would require Microsoft Word to be installed in your server.

You could run a script (or a custom program) which calls a macro in Microsoft Word, that would open your RTF file, convert it to a Word document and save it back as a PDF.