PP Image Zip Compression

Posted by: dazzaman

PP Image Zip Compression - 12/11/20 09:17 AM

Hi, got a question on zipping output. We zip up some large PDFs using Image and email out but they are still to large to email.

If I save the PDF off to a folder and zip with Winrar or a tool like that they zip up much smaller.

My question is does the zip funtion in image have any settings to alter compression at all?

Posted by: MartinS

Re: PP Image Zip Compression - 12/16/20 05:41 AM

not sure how you are zip a file via Image, as far as I know Image does not include a zip function, you just can select compression levels for images.

If you need to zip files you may install the Zip plugin for Workflow.

Or you're using an external zip tool and run it via the External-Program plugin in Workflow.
Posted by: Sami786

Re: PP Image Zip Compression - 12/16/20 10:25 AM

I guess you could also try to reduce the image resolution to reduce the size if this file is not for printing!