Image not prodcing PDF

Posted by: Adrian Burch

Image not prodcing PDF - 04/25/14 05:11 AM

Here is an extract from the log
DEBUG: Starting plugin PlanetPress Image - 01:39:13
DEBUG: Output filename: %O %h%n%s
DEBUG: Parsed output filename: CASH_IRLGPT 013913
DEBUG: Archive folder: \\mpsnt07\apps$\membership info\membership documents live\PlanetPress PDF Archive\%y\%y%m%d
DEBUG: Parsed archive folder: \\mpsnt07\apps$\membership info\membership documents live\PlanetPress PDF Archive\2014\20140425
INFO : PlanetPress Image output successful on host
INFO : Plugin PlanetPress Image completed successfully - 01:39:13

But there is no file 'CASH_IRLGPT 013913.pdf' in the folder.
Most times it works fine, sometime nothing....
Any help please?
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Image not prodcing PDF - 04/28/14 01:27 PM

Hi Adrian,

Since sometimes it works, and sometimes not, I would assume this sample from the log was from one that did work.

Can you search the log for "Error", and see if you find anything? I'd like to know if there are errors when it fails.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre