where did my pdf go?

Posted by: Tom@ECI

where did my pdf go? - 10/09/14 11:34 AM

I have this process that archives reports to a pdf via Image.
The log shows it created the PDF..but it's not there! I can't find any errors anywhere.

PP Version on a Win7 Pro machine.

REQST: PPImage Request - 2:19:30 AM
INFO: Processing file C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite 7\PlanetPress Image\QueuedJobs\6BED569E.ps
DEBUG: Reading job options from input file
DEBUG: Watch Process Name : PQ-Monthend
INFO: Starting conversion...
INFO: Initializing PlanetPress Alambic...
INFO: Distilling file to Inventory Value - Loc5.pdf...
INFO: Conversion completed successfully.
DEBUG: Moving file to destination folder: \\DC01\DATA\Public\DDMS Reports\Monthend\2014\10-01-2014
INFO: Process completed successfully.
REQST: End time: 2:19:30 AM (elapsed time: 00:00:00:121)
DEBUG: Adding job to queue: C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite 7\PlanetPress Image\QueuedJobs\6BEF2F41.ps
Posted by: jim3108

Re: where did my pdf go? - 10/09/14 11:54 AM

Is it possible that another process is doing a Folder Capture in this folder:
\\DC01\DATA\Public\DDMS Reports\Monthend\2014\10-01-2014

with mask *.pdf

Posted by: Tom@ECI

Re: where did my pdf go? - 10/10/14 09:09 AM

yes....I have a script that sends a few dozen reports to PlanetPress. There are about 6 "Inventory Value" reports in the script. The "Loc5" is in the middle of the run and is the only one missing.
If I re-run the report to PlanetPress, it creates the PDF.