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Posted by: Luc

ppimage mask - 03/05/15 02:43 PM

I'm trying to create a process that captures a file from a folder.
Using Image I want to create PDF using a string in the file name ex. Harling_OIIQ_LIST1.TXT
I would like to use OIIQ that is in between "_" , because OIIQ is the name of my PTK document
I would always use what is in between _ _ to call PTK documents what ever the name is.
this is how i want to associate a document to a list
how can this be done?

Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: ppimage mask - 03/09/15 01:15 PM

Hi Luc,

You would need to use a script. A small script right before the PlanetPress Image output, to extract the OIIQ from the file's name. Here's an example:

dim s

s = Watch.GetJobFilename
s = mid(s, InStr(s, "_")+1, 1000)
s = mid(s, 1, InStr(s, "_")-1)

Watch.SetJobInfo 9, s

Note that before this script, you will need to make sure the current job file has the original name, so you might need to do a Rename to %o. The script will extract the part between two _ characters, and will put it into job info 9. Feel free to use another job info if you want. You can then use this job info to call a dynamic .ptk name.

Hope that helps!

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre