OL learn lessons missing?

Posted by: dweg

OL learn lessons missing? - 03/26/13 01:19 PM

If I remember correctly there were lessons on the OL_learn website that are now missing, specifically the video lesson on data repetition and overflow. Now I don't see those handy lessons on the site. I mainly see video's about new functionality in each version.

Do we still have access to the repetition and overflow training videos? They sure we're handy...

Thank you!
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: OL learn lessons missing? - 03/26/13 01:51 PM


I've looked, and couldn't find them either, so it's possible they may have been removed.

The best thing you can do at this point is to contact Technical Support. They will be able to explain to you how this works, and provide some examples. You can call 1-866-348-5863, or use the web page:


Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre
Posted by: dweg

Re: OL learn lessons missing? - 03/26/13 02:12 PM

That's too bad because they were always great resources. Thanks for checking Raphael.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: OL learn lessons missing? - 03/26/13 11:46 PM


if you look into the PlanetPress Training course https://ollearn.objectiflune.com/course/view.php?id=5 in the module 6 there's 2 videos about overflow maybe that's what you are looking for.


hope it helps

David P P
Posted by: dweg

Re: OL learn lessons missing? - 03/27/13 10:13 AM

Thanks so much David, that's the one, I searched everywhere for overflow with no results.
I appreciated it...