Multiple cores & Processors

Posted by: Si Mc

Multiple cores & Processors - 04/01/15 11:52 AM

I'm doing a large amount of PDF manipulation in Planet press production, which is causing our production server to slow to a crawl.
I've spoken to our infrastructure team and they have said the can add an extra core and possibly an extra processor to the server. The only issue we have is will this affect our licencing? Is planet press licenced per processor / per core or is it licenced to just a machine regardless.

Many thanks

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Multiple cores & Processors - 04/01/15 12:41 PM

Hi Simon,

PlanetPress is licensed for the machine.

You can add as many cores and ram as you want.

Be mindful that your magic number might change, if it does simply contact our activations and they will take care of it. If you are running on VMWare with a recent version of PlanetPress 7 - it should not be an issue though.

Best Regards,
Posted by: Si Mc

Re: Multiple cores & Processors - 04/02/15 10:24 AM

Absolutely Brilliant!
The server's running like lightening now

Many thanks for your help