Address block suggestion

Posted by: scott franklin

Address block suggestion - 10/06/13 05:31 PM

Since the address block has a sole purpose, and not all data has the city, state zip line already built... can there be an option to place the data selects and have it format that line instead of having to place text, commas and such. A simple check box that would give this option would be nice.
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Address block suggestion - 10/07/13 10:01 AM

Not a bad idea, but we'd have to implement all postal formats in the world. And then, what happens when you have a data file that contains addresses from multiple countries?
In an ideal world, you'd highlight pieces of data and identify each as a specific part of an address (e.g. "city", "state", "country", etc) and then the application would automatically recognize, through the "country" item, which postal format to display.

But that's quite a project to undertake. I'll keep the suggestion on file, but honestly, don't keep your fingers for that one.