eLearning Center redesign

Posted by: strido

eLearning Center redesign - 03/06/14 01:57 PM

Do we know when this is slated for completion? I'm just curious about some more advanced topics that I'm having fits with. Global variables and how they relate to the job, Conditions, PressTalk and how to leverage that.

In lieu of actual in-person training it would be pretty helpful.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: eLearning Center redesign - 03/07/14 10:04 AM


As a technical trainer, I can tell you that there is an advanced PlanetPress eLearning course in the making, addressing the topics you mention. The expected publication date is out of my control however.

Registered students of the actual online PlanetPress for Beginners eLearning will be notified as soon as the advanced eLearning course is available.

In the meantime, if you registered to OL Care, you can request a webinar on this topic by sending us an email at ollearn@ca.objectiflune.com