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Posted by: Sami786

Statistic page - 12/03/15 12:39 PM

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I think it would be best to add a module to PP Production to show process statistics. An interface to show each process activities and status, like how many processes are running and the time schedule and so on.

We have lots of processes ruining simultaneously each day and it's hard to mange the time and it makes it difficult to know when to stop the services to send a new configuration file that we edit for the day.

Please share your thoughts
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Statistic page - 12/14/15 09:59 AM

That feature is already on our roadmap, but it won't be available in the near future. That being said, note that you can always send a new config file without fear of interrupting your processes since the shutdown/restart sequence is automatically delayed until all currently running processes have completed their tasks.