My First Workflow - Some Practical Questions

Posted by: Chris McFarland

My First Workflow - Some Practical Questions - 02/21/14 09:29 AM


I've been around Planet Press for a while now and have seen some workflows that were created and implemented in the past, and now I've been tasked with creating my own.

So I'm diving right into the training, and have a fully licensed and operational instance up and running.

BUT, this project is needed right away, so here I am!

Endeavoring to do some what seems fairly advanced work right out of the box. As usual!

OK, so here are the basics on the workflow that I need to create:

1. Capture print data from a packing slip that's being printed.

2. Pass the original print job to its usual printer.

3. Use some captured metadata to perform a database lookup to gather some other wanted data.

4. Use my set of metadata to populate a label template that will be printed on a label printer, or anything that will do the job.

What I'm shaky on is all of the details. I know that print capture is a big part of Planet Press, but have no idea how to build the connector, or how to set my print job to shoot into it. I don't know how this process will manifest itself in real life. All just conceptual to me so far.

I'm comfortable with the database angle, but using the Planet Press connectors is new to me.

So, I'm really excited about my first real Planet Press experience and am going to return to OL Learn for a bit to see if the classes will clarify this for me an a very short period of time.

What do you think, and thanks for looking!
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: My First Workflow - Some Practical Questions - 02/21/14 12:57 PM

Hi Chris,

It's great that you are starting your own project! smile

However, I feel that it will be difficult to guide you on the newsgroup, as there's a LOT of ways things can be done in PlanetPress. For things like points 3 and 4, we'd need to see the data, and clarifications on what exactly you need to do.

Therefore, I suggest that you contact our Technical Support service, and they will be able to guide you and point you in the right direction. You may call 1-866-348-5863, or use the web page:

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre
Posted by: Chris McFarland

Re: My First Workflow - Some Practical Questions - 02/21/14 01:26 PM

No worries.

I'm in touch with our technical liaison, and actually the online beginner class is proving quite useful.

There's a reasonable chance that I may even pull this off on my own.

We'll see!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: My First Workflow - Some Practical Questions - 02/21/14 02:11 PM


I should add that 'how do I do that' or 'is there an alternative approach to that' type of questions can be handled by the training department. If you do not find what you are looking for in the OL Learn online courses, feel free to contact us by email at We can provide pointers and maybe suggest a webinar with a technical trainer if needed.