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Posted by: Starke

Page orientation - 10/31/17 05:05 PM

I am using planet press design v7. I have a 2 page letter that is printing duplex. The first page is to oriented like normal but the second page needs to be upside down. The second page has multiple text boxes with variable data inside them. I've tried setting the page right side and selecting the Paper Orientation to Rotated Portrait with no luck. I've then rotated the text boxes to show upside down on the page and when I do a preview it looks correct but when I render my print file to a pdf the first page is upside down the the second page is right side the set up is backwards to what I am wanting. What am I doing wrong?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Page orientation - 10/31/17 05:07 PM

Let me repeat this to clarify it (for me).

You want the end result to be a physical print out in duplex where the front page would be normal, but the back would be upside down if you where to turn your sheet on the long edge?
Posted by: Starke

Re: Page orientation - 11/28/17 11:41 AM

Sorry for the delay in my response. So yes, First page is normal but the second(duplex) is upside down. Its a single page mailer that will be folder in half with glue around the edges. So the first page(outside) has the mailing address and the inside will show the letter. So I've tried setting the second page paper orientation to "rotated portrait" with no luck. I've flipped my text boxes and when I render a soft proof it appears the way I want. When I render the whole print file to a pdf the first page is upside down and the second page is normal.
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Page orientation - 11/28/17 11:48 AM

Have you tried duplexing short edge (tumble)? That would have the desired effect and you wouldn't need to use rotated portrait.
Posted by: Starke

Re: Page orientation - 12/07/17 03:55 PM

I am not familiar with the option. How does that work? Thanks for help if I haven't mentioned it before.
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Page orientation - 12/07/17 04:05 PM

Where you set the duplexing in your PP7 document, you can choose Long edge or short edge (sometime it says tumble or tumble off).

So long edge is flipping over the sheet on the long edge, so your back page is in the same orientation as your front page, like when you are flipping the page of a book.

Short edge is flipping the sheet on the short edge so the back page is 180 degrees compared to the front page, like when looking at a calendar.

So in your duplexing settings, select short edge or tumble (syntax varies from PPD to PPD) and you will get the expected result.

Hope that help.