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Posted by: Lloyd6770

Email To Print - 06/07/18 11:33 AM

I apologize if this isn't the right spot. I've already used the "Ask a question" on the website, but never got a response.

I am looking for a solution where all I want it to do is have the ability to send an email to a specific address, and have the attachment print out on one of my printers. I need the ability to set up aliases for various printers. This will also be in a Citrix environment.

I have not been able to determine which of the software suites, if any, would allow me to do that. Thank you for your time.
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Email To Print - 06/20/18 01:27 PM

All you need is PlanetPress Workflow. It has a Send To Email task that allows you to attach files to the email and of course, you can create as many printer queues as you want and have a Workflow process conditionally select one of them depending on dynamic parameters.

If you are new to the PlanetPress Suite of products, you should register to OL learn and follow the tutorials available on the site (
Posted by: Alpha Star Tech

Re: Email To Print - 01/27/19 02:25 PM

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