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Posted by: mjudic

Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 09:17 AM

We use PP7 for a couple of letter prints in the organisation but I am not that clued up on the functions.

If I want to pass in PDF's, with a pre printed letter head, and then want to remove this letterhead in planet press so it prints on pre-printed stationary, is this an easy thing to do or can anybody point me in the right direction for documentation?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 09:26 AM

I see two cases here...not sure which one applies so I will give you 2 answer:

1- You input data is a PDF which has pre-printed background and data on it. You wish to print only the data out on a physical pre-printed paper.

Solution= Simply extract the data on your form page without putting the background of you forms pages to use the original PDF input data.

2- You have data that is not PDF and you want to use a PDF as background but only to be a ble to place your data in the right position so it fits properly on the pre-printed paper.

Solution= Add your PDF as an image in the background and put a condition on that image based on the PressTalk variable &printerMode
Posted by: mjudic

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 09:38 AM

Hi Jean, thanks for the reply. Its case 1, we have a document that is fully formatted with a background on. Essentially we want just the data to print onto pre-printed paper. The data would be 10-12 pages of paragraphs, some of it static some of it dynamic? But from what you suggest this can just be extracted anyway? Or we could just extract just the dynamic data and create a new document within planet press?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 09:51 AM

To extract data it must either be at a fixed position or need to have some kind of keyword you can rely on to know what and where to extract from.
Posted by: mjudic

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 10:08 AM

Could I remove the letter head using an image? effectively put a blank image over the top of the page?
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 10:23 AM

The data and the background image inside your original PDF are one.

Putting a blank page would as well cover the text.
Posted by: jouberto

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 10:39 AM

It seems to me like a very basic case of PDF emulation, just load a new blank PlanetPress document, load your PDF as the data source in PDF emulation, then select the whole page to be 1 big data selection. Do not trim spaces and use a monospace font to keep the positioning of the elements. Print that to your stock and it should be as expected.
Posted by: mjudic

Re: Remove Letter Head - 11/15/18 10:49 AM

Ahh sorry no, I meant insert an image just at the top of the page so just the letterhead is covered, the rest of the document would remain as is

Thanks again for all your replys.