Question on end of support PP suite ?

Posted by: Andy1974

Question on end of support PP suite ? - 01/15/19 11:18 PM

Hello everyone,

I've read previous posts about planning to support all classic
products until December 2019 - at least.

And I want to clarify that if PP suite is end of support after serval years and we haven't changed to use new platform 'Connect', if we haven't faced any new errors in PP suite, so we can still continue to use PP suite, right ?

However, if we face new errors in PP suite after end of support, if we report this errors to your side, your side will not help to solve it, right ?

Also, what is the difference between PP suite and Connect ?
Can our all current work processes in PP suite are all be fully compatible with the new platform 'Connect' ?

Sorry to ask so much questions !

Thanks & Best Regards,
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Question on end of support PP suite ? - 01/17/19 03:38 PM

The official Policy for supporting our products is that we will keep supporting them for as long as it is technologically feasible (for instance, if an end-of-lifed product no longer works on a future version of Windows, or is incompatible with a new printing device, we won't be able to support it).

If you keep your OL Care subscription updated, you will be able to talk with our Support team as always. If not, you can always come to these forums where other members of the community may be able to help you out.

The difference between Connect and PlanetPress is both huge and simple: Connect uses an entirely different rendering engine, based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript, which allows it to simultaneoulsy produce web, email and print content, whereas PlanetPress Suite is pretty much restricted to Print content (with limited email formatting abilities). Connect also has more input and output formats and is much more scalable than PlanetPress is.

However, the Workflow component in Connect is based on the same Workflow tool found in PlanetPress Suite, albeit with a number of enhancements. That means your current Workflow processes are compatible and you can still use your current PlanetPress Suite templates to generate your output. The Connect Designer cannot edit those templates, but for that you can keep your version of the PlanetPress Designer and only use the Connect Designer when you want to implement a new type of document, or when you decide to upgrade an existing document in order to take advantage of the new features in Connect.

You should contact your reseller or an Objectif Lune representative if you want more information on what Connect can do for you. Also, you can visit our web site or our Youtube channel, where a number of videos can provide more info on the product.
Posted by: Shelbel203

Re: Question on end of support PP suite ? - 01/21/19 10:42 AM

Does anyone know how to clear an error code W2029? Planet Press has stopped working and the full error message I've found on the log is:

ERROR: W2029 : Error waiting for helper PPLpr7: System Error. Code: 1115.

I've tried to delete the job via the printer however it's not showing - any suggestions?

Many thanks
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Question on end of support PP suite ? - 01/21/19 12:52 PM

Please post this in a new thread as your question is completely unrelated to this one.