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Posted by: jbppnovice

Help - PP7 Design - 01/31/20 05:18 AM

Hi ,

Does anybody know if you can set text to be justified from the bottom of a text box?

Posted by: Jean-C├ędric

Re: Help - PP7 Design - 01/31/20 01:44 PM

There might be other ways to do it but here's how I did it:

  1. Create a global variable of type measure, let's name it &zeOffset
  2. Add your Text Object outside of the canvas
  3. Check the Dynamic height, found under the Basic Attributes of the tree list
  4. In the PressTalk After, add the following PressTalk command: &zeOffset := &height
  5. Add a duplicate of your Text Object on the canvas. Make sure there is nothing in the PressTalk After of this one
  6. In the Top field, found under the Basic Attributes of the tree list, replace to the current value by this: =x-&zeOffset where the number x is your current value