Apache not starting.

Posted by: Marius L.

Apache not starting. - 01/26/16 03:25 AM

Hi. I updated the Printshop Mail Suite today to a newer version through the update software. When I tried starting the server up again afterwards, Apache will not start. When I try to click the "start" button in the Service Manager window, nothing happens. Printshop Server is running, as is MySQL.

I've attached a screenshot of Printshop Server - Service Manager.

Posted by: Marius L.

Re: Apache not starting. - 02/15/16 03:11 AM

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Apache not starting. - 02/15/16 09:28 AM

Hello Marius,

In order to know what's going on, you'll need to take a look at the Apache error logs. These logs should be located under C:\Program Files\PrintShop Mail Suite 7\PrintShop Mail Web\Apache\Logs

The logs should normally contain at least a sensible indication of why Apache is not starting.

Hope this helps!
Posted by: Marius L.

Re: Apache not starting. - 02/16/16 03:36 AM

Hi. That folder was empty for me, but I fixed the issue myself.

The problem was that something else used Port 80. I don't know what it was, but it had PID 4. I opened cmd and did "net stop was /y".

That fixed the problem for me.

Thanks anyways wink