What is difference between PSM 7 Net and Web?

Posted by: Randy

What is difference between PSM 7 Net and Web? - 11/20/14 12:09 PM

I recently upgraded to PrintShop Mail version 7.2.
My computer lists the program as Printshop Mail 7 Net. The website and documentation seems to indicate the version as Printshop Mail Web.

I ask (which is my real question) because we only operate Printshop Mail within a local network. The instructions for WEB want me to set up the server as a Web host. The instructions for the Network version seem to point me to the License Manager to activate my dongle (which I would prefer to do). I cannot find the access to the license manager either at my desktop or the server.
Posted by: cosimo

Re: What is difference between PSM 7 Net and Web? - 11/20/14 01:02 PM


The .Net version of PSM is a Network version which uses the License manager to manage the licenses and PSM connections.
So you need to have the License Manager installed on a Server somewhere and that will have the license for PSM.
A License can be a 3 plus user license. So once it is all configured and you launch PSM .Net from another Workstation, if your IP address is part of the configuration then you will be able to print using PSM .net without a watermark.

Whereas the Web version is a print to web solution and it has an unlimited amount of users.

So if you have a multi-user license then you will need to install the license manager if you don`t already have that set up.

You can always contact support via the web or phone to learn more about the license manager and .net version if you have further questions.