Compare PSM 7.2.5 to PSM Connect?

Posted by: Sean Tambling

Compare PSM 7.2.5 to PSM Connect? - 08/31/16 08:58 AM

I'm trying to work out what the advantage of PSM Connect is? I currently use PSM 7.2.5 for creating mail pieces and have been pretty satisfied with it. But it is a couple years old now and I'm wondering if PSM Connect would be something that would help me. I do not handle any of the social media or web design. I only process mailing products.

So, if someone could help me by giving me a run down of why one is better than the other and for what reason I would greatly appreciate it.

Take care
Posted by: MartinS

Re: Compare PSM 7.2.5 to PSM Connect? - 09/02/16 05:52 AM

best you're visiting the OL Learn page ( and watching the tutorial videos, this would be the best way to get a feeling of what the new product is about and if it meets your needs.