Print to PDF Problems

Posted by: nbarber

Print to PDF Problems - 08/13/12 11:21 PM

I am using EnvelopeNOW to add basic OMR marks to a 2500 page job. The original job is in a PDF file. After watching your online tutorials I am printing this PDF to the "EnvelopeNow Printer" and selecting this (EnvelopeNow Printer) as the "Job File". I am trying to use a PDF print driver as the "Assigned Printer". This would allow me to print a PDF version of the finished product with OMR marks. I could then print to our local printer as needed.

Here's the problem - Somehow printing the job to a PDF print driver takes FOREVER. The original job file is only a 10 MB PDF...but when I attempt to add OMR marks and print to a PDF it takes hours. After waiting 2 hours I pulled up the pending print job and the print queue indicates the total file size will be 1.53 GB!!!???

Why does printing the job to a PDF result in such an enormous file size / long print time?

I am using CutePDF as my pdf print driver.
Posted by: nbarber

Re: Print to PDF Problems - 08/13/12 11:59 PM

I figured it out. When selecting a printer if you scroll all the way to the bottom (below all of your printers) they give you an option for "save as PDF...". This is clearly optimized for EnvelopeNow and works very fast!

Case Closed.
Posted by: alex41

Re: Print to PDF Problems - 03/21/13 09:40 AM

Yes,it does work very fast.I have experienced this.Thanks for such a nice stuff particularly for me.