Scan mark position

Posted by: hirot

Scan mark position - 08/07/14 03:59 AM

customer would add scan mark on short edge side even data page is landscape.
Envelopenow() add only long edge side (both Portrait and Landscape page data)
Is that possible to change position to that ?
How to set if it is could ?

Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Scan mark position - 08/08/14 09:19 AM

Hi hirot,

You can only move the barcode within the area allowed by the definition of the chosen inserter. If it's outside the area allowed, then you won't be able to move the barcode there.

You might have to use PlanetPress, and reproduce the OMR in a PlanetPress document, where you'd have maximum flexibility, although obviously, it could take some time to set it up.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Scan mark position - 08/11/14 01:31 PM

Actually, EnvelopeNOW does allow you to move the OMR outside the allowed area (although it really isn't recommended to do so!) but in this instance, it sounds like the customer wants to rotate the OMR so it fits alongside the short edge of the page, which is not something EnvelopeNOW allows.

My answer doesn't help the customer in any way, I simply wanted to clarify the behaviour for future reference.