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#16676 - 04/13/05 12:19 PM Error W1525
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Installed Press, Watch, Image, Fax and Search today. When trying to insert PlanetImage output or PlanetPress Fax output in watch process, I get "Error W1525: Error Displaying Dialogue Box. Class not registered."

#16677 - 04/13/05 12:42 PM Re: Error W1525
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Reinstalling PlanetPress Watch (selecting the repair option) corrected the problem.

However, it would benefitial to know what could cause this problem to avoid same in future client installs/upgrades.

#16678 - 04/14/05 09:47 AM Re: Error W1525


The fact that you were getting this error points to a corrupted file. Repairing the install solves the problem.

#16679 - 06/07/06 08:53 AM Re: Error W1525
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I am getting this W1525 error as well. I have tried to repair, I have completely uninstalled all PlantPress 4 programs and then reinstalled. When I click on an Output to PPFax to look at it, I get W1525: Error displaying dialogue box. Specified module could not be found. If I try to insert another Output with Fax get the same error. I can open PPFax and all programs are on 4.2 and activated. I have done repair on Watch and Fax multiple times. I just do not know what else to try can someone please help!!!!!

#16680 - 06/14/06 08:30 AM Re: Error W1525
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This is what that error means and what the possible causes and solution could be.

W1525 : Error loading property pages: %s

Problem: An error occurred when trying to open the property page for a task in a PlanetPress Watch

Cause: The action/plugin could have been corrupted or wrongly installed, or the action could not be
a valid PlanetPress Watch action.

Resolution: Reinstall the .dll for that action.

It is recommended to do a clean re-install, by first going to add and remove software, then deleting the PlanetPress Suite folder and then re-install.
Always make sure you have the latest version of the software you are using.

If the problem persists, please click on "Report an Issue" and someone will assist you.