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#16985 - 12/16/05 05:11 AM W2316 : Error while sending file
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i have a problem.

We had the Version 4.0. Now we have made an Update to 4.2. And now if I send a job to the printer through planet press, the Printer get an ERROR: SERVICE ERROR 03 (its an Compuprint Pagemaster 1600c)

If i look into the log of the LPR, i can see that there is an error: W2316 : Error while sending file.

Had anybody the same problem?

#16986 - 12/23/05 11:05 AM Re: W2316 : Error while sending file


Could you use the "Report an issue" button and provide us with the log file.

Also make sure that the complete PlanetPress Suite is running 4.2 not only PWatch.

#16987 - 03/12/07 03:51 PM Re: W2316 : Error while sending file
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To anyone that are still having this error after
all theese years:
SERVICE ERROR 03 (and 01/02) on the
Compuprint Pagemaster 1600c
Don't dispair, it is an undocumented error that
can be made to go away by introducing an stand-
ard error in order to regain control, by doing
the following:
1. Turn the power of.
2. Disconnect all.
3. Introduce 1/more errors (nondestructive) like:
Open: the front hatch, papertrays etc.
Remove: ink- (one) or drum cartridge.
Remove: Ethernet board and/or 2nd RAM.
Move RAM from one slot to other or replace.
(start with one of them, then two etc.)
4. Reconnect only powercable at this time.
5. Turn power on and watch display.
6. If the error persists, repeat 1-5.
7. Eventualy the error will go away and you
can turn power of and reassemble printer
and continue as if nothing was wrong.