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#17021 - 03/07/06 04:52 PM watch condition issue connected to a filename
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We are Glenn MacKay & Gabriel Butnaru from Ivaco Rolling Mills,providing the IT support for PlanetPress here at IRM.

PlanetPress is a very nice tool and we are very happy with it.

A few days ago we faced an unusual kind of problem (and maybe you will be able tell us what can be the solution)

One of the documents we are processing are the A/P checks.

They could be Canadian or US, and we have two different forms for them and a watch "separating" them.

The watch is based on the name of the (incoming) file, and the rule is "*.C3*.*" for Canadian, "*.U3*.*" for US Checks.

In the same time, the "incoming file" is "LPD" (Line Printer Daemon Service).

How the watch works:

- Checks if "*C3*" is in the name. If "yes" print using the proper form and archive in the specific archive (CND)

- Else checks if "*U3*" is in the name. "Yes" means print... and archive... (in US archive)

Everything was fine until few days ago when we got a set of US checks printed (AND ARCHIVED) in "Canadian way"

We have checked if the original file name was wrong. It was not (PMT_U3__7.RPT)

After we noticed the problem we re-sent the PMT_U3__7.RPT file to PPress, and it processed perfectly.

What was also strange - before printing we stopped the watch. But the checks went to the printer anyway. But not archived (as we expect).

Our guess is this:

The checks went to the printer even if the watch is stopped, via LPD. Right?

The problem is - we have US checks printed on CDN stock with incorrect MICR encoding.

Our questions are:

1. Is it possible that a file can print using the check printer form without PPress watch being active?

2. Is it possible for the program (watch) to mistake the right destination.

3. Is there a way to avoid the printing if the watch is inactive?

#17022 - 03/08/06 05:12 PM Re: watch condition issue connected to a filename

1- If the file is sent directly to the printer and it contains teh proper trigger, it could print.

2- If the destination is determined by a condition, and teh condition fails, the file will follow the process established for the failed condition.

3- Dont use the windows printers (use the lpd printers from watch instead). This way, the file will not be sent to that printer.