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#17071 - 12/28/06 06:36 PM Remote Desktop Woes
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I have a customer who has been using Remote Desktop on both their servers for years to do form design or change processes. Recently they have noticed that PlanetPress and Watch seem to crash closing the connection.

When this happens, the services in Watch stop running and they need to reboot the server or Watch will not come back up without trying to convert all the forms to postscript.

As an odd note, the services on the 1st server appear to be affecting the services of the 2nd server when they crash causing the services on the 2nd server to also crash.

Any ideas are welcome.
Uomo Del Ghiaccio

#17072 - 01/04/07 11:35 AM Re: Remote Desktop Woes

It would be best to open an issue with us internally by clicking Support-Report an issue.

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