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#18009 - 04/28/04 02:09 PM Magical Changing Fonts Bug?
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I am finding a weird bug/problem when using pre-formatted text in PP4, version

What I want to do: I want to double click on an existing text box and change the font for all text in that particual box.

Problem: I want to change all text to the new font, so I highlight everything by using CRT-SHIFT-END. When I do this, (and nothing more), all my text which is currently formated as times12, changes back to c12 (default). It only appears to be c12, however, since the preview window shows the text as times12, and if I hit "OK", it actually remains times12 on the page. If I double click the same text box, it continues to show up as the default font in the "text" section of the text box, which makes it hard to changes margins, indents, ect.

Big deal?: Now, if I simply highlight the font I want to change using the mouse, there is no problem, and I accomplish my goal. But this definately seems like a minor "Bug" to me, and its very annoying when you have large text boxes to modify. Can anyone duplicate this?

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Please send your form to my attention at