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#18011 - 04/28/04 02:17 PM Acces Violation when pasting text from WORD
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Here is the exception I get when copying and pasting text from Word 2003 into PP4, latest version.


Error log for PPress.exe - exception occurred on 2004/04/28 2:10:42 PM

Error message: Access violation at address 0455ED4F in module 'PPress.exe'. Read of address 10893EE7

Line: 0

Call Stack:
[0455ED4F]{PPress.exe }
[04194D03]{PPress.exe }
[0455F497]{PPress.exe }
[0455E731]{PPress.exe }
[0455BD61]{PPress.exe }
[04551F45]{PPress.exe }
[045A1F67]{PPress.exe }
[045A1A77]{PPress.exe }
[046EC039]{PPress.exe }
[046ECDF5]{PPress.exe }


If I click "OK" on the error, and then "OK" to close the text properties dialog box, I can then re-enter the crashed text box and modify it as if there are no porblems. But I cannot make any changes to the text box after clicking "OK" on the error message, as the same message continues to appear over and over again, I HAVE to close it and open it back up.

Can someone else please duplicate this? Is this a bug, and will using a bugged text box by skipping past the error message cause stability problems with the form as a whole down the road?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

#18012 - 04/28/04 04:24 PM Re: Acces Violation when pasting text from WORD
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I cannot seem to duplicate your error. Would it be possible for you to send me the files so I can test them out here? Send to to the attention of Jean-Fran