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#18036 - 06/10/04 10:55 AM Box Line Colour and Copying Objects
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I have two problems. First, the ability to copy and paste objects between two forms does not appear to be available in PP4. Second, if I create a box with a black border line and later want to go back and change the line colour the object inspector indicates the new line colour but it does not change in the form. If I create a new box in the same form I am able to change the line colour of the new box.

#18037 - 06/10/04 11:01 AM Re: Box Line Colour and Copying Objects


Part 1, you cannot copy and paste between instances of PlanetPress 4. This feature has been requested and is being tested. I have no date as to when this will go live.

Part 2, after you make a change to a side of the box you have to go back and re-click that side in the box diagram. In other words, go back into the box properties, choose your color, and then click on the side of the box you want to change.