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#18072 - 08/24/04 11:13 AM Undo does not restore form
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I have found an instance where the 'undo' function in PP4 does not fully restore the form to its previous state.
Take a form with 2 overlay pages and 1 normal page which references overlay page1.
Try and delete overlay page1, and a page deletion dialogue box will invite you to replace all references to overlay page1 with overlay page2.
Click ok to this.
Check the state of the normal page and it will show overlay page2 is now used instead. Ok so far.
Click on undo.
The deleted page will be reinstated, but the other pages will still point to overlay page2.
Undo cannot be used to undo the 'replace all references'.
I am using PP
I have an example form if required.

#18073 - 08/24/04 04:00 PM Re: Undo does not restore form
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This was reported to our R&D department. Thanks

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