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#18114 - 12/10/04 02:02 PM Importing v3 to v4 naming convention conversion issue
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Hello OL,

I've had this problem in the past and haven't got around to letting you know, but when I've tried to import a v3 form in v4, if I have a data selection with something selected in Archive/Fax/Email on v3, the import process in v4 doesn't auto-correct the Index Name in Archive/Email/Fax like it does with the rest of the form. If there are spaces, hyphens, periods, etc., etc., in the names, you will get a postscript error on the printer. I had a hard time troubleshooting this until I just happened to look in the Archive/Email/Fax section and noticed that the index name wasn't using the correct naming convention. In v3 when you added a checkmark to use the data selection as an index field, you weren't given the option of naming it, as it used the Data Selection name under the Attributes tab, but it's a different story in v4.

Just wanted to let you know of this in case it hasn't be brought up already.

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#18115 - 12/13/04 09:53 AM Re: Importing v3 to v4 naming convention conversion issue


I have duplicated the problem you are describing and have forwarded it to the R&D department.

Thanks to let us know about it.