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#18132 - 01/21/05 09:43 AM Watch secondary inputs
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A Watch process fails with "catastrophic failure" when processing a secondary input file capture.
The process is running the following actions -
(1) An input file triggers the process - this file contains on line1 the name of a directory
(2) a secondary input folder capture uses the name from the trigger file to capture files in the directory
(3) the files are processed somehow.

When I run this, the process works fine for the first file in the secondary input folder, but then fails for the second file. The log shows

DEBUG: Starting plugin Folder Capture - 12:52:36
DEBUG: Input path: c:\@(1,1,1,9,KeepCase,Trim)
ERROR: W3000 : Error parsing: Catastrophic failure
ERROR: Folder Capture: W1603 : Plugin failed
DEBUG: W1602 : Stopping execution of Watch Process

I believe the the folder capture is erronously reevaluating the folder name from the then current data file (the secondary input file), when it should only evaluate the name once (from the original data file).
So far, I only require the process to work on one file per run, so I can ignore the failure.

I have confirmed this behaviour on Watch

#18133 - 01/24/05 11:44 AM Re: Watch secondary inputs
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I fear you may have pushed the software beyond what it allows. I have tried recreating the problem here, but I couldn't do it unless I specifically type the @(1,1,1,9,KeepCase,Trim) function in the Folder field.

You'll notice that in this field, when you right click, the Select Data option is greyed out, meaning that it is not available. You probably bypassed this restriction by typing the command manually. This is unfortunately not supported.
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#18134 - 01/24/05 02:38 PM Re: Watch secondary inputs

Hello Stuart,

To avoid getting that error you can use the variables

#18135 - 01/25/05 09:21 AM Re: Watch secondary inputs
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Thanks for your replies.
In the folder capture options, the 'select data' option of the folder name field has only been greyed out from release 4.1. When I developed my config, (last release the option to select data was available.
I assume that the same restrictions will apply on any secondary input processes (lpd etc)?
It is not clear from the documentation that the secondary inputs work like this, could the documentation be reveiwed?
I will experiment with the extra variables in 4.1.