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#18583 - 01/08/08 01:00 PM Data Splitting function within a lift
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I would like to see a data splitting function similar to what you have but instead of position 1 going all the way through the stack (let's just say you have 15000 records that are 3000 sheets)that you can have a fixed "lift" (by lift I mean the cutting height used in a production cutter) and have the records distributed for the first 250 sheets - similar to if you choose to send records 1-1000 then records 1001-2000 without having to type in all the record numbers. Although your data splitting is a good idea - it does not work well in the production environment because you would have to cut through 15 lifts in order to get the first 7 trays out on a job and most shops do not have space for 30 or 40 mail trays laying around. By being able to distribute the trays in stacks but limited to the lifts, trays will be filled faster and production completed quicker. Currently we are sending by record number and have to rely on the tech to not skip numbers while sending over the records. Thanks!

#18584 - 01/08/08 02:47 PM Re: Data Splitting function within a lift
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I'm afraid I'm going to need some clarification on this one...

It seems to me that what you're asking is already available using PlanetPress Watch's generic splitter. Since you can specify where each page ends and how many pages of data you want for each "chunk" of the original data file, couldn't you use those values to generate exactly the right number of data pages for each "lift"?

Obviously, since the plitter is dealing with Data pages (as opposed to Printed pages), there's no way to know exactly how many printed pages will be generated by a set number of data pages (unless your document uses a fixed number of data pages). Only once the job has been ripped in some form or another (using PPImage, for instance), can we find out the true number of printed pages generated.
So if your "lift" is expecting a fixed number of Printed pages, each of which can in turn be generated from a variable number of data pages, then I don't think what you're looking for is possible.

It should also be noted that Version 6.1, which came out last October, contains greatly improved splitters (yes, there are now more than 1). Their overall performance and flexibility are vastly superior to their predecessors'.
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