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#22717 - 11/07/05 08:30 AM How do you know its working
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With PP5 there is no way to know if Planet image is working. There is no gauge, nothing. I can drop a 10 record file into Watch and it will produce a pdf file. But you drop 100 records or something else and it does nothing. The data disappears from the watched folder, so watch works. A pdf is made if you send it 10 records or less, so you know the programming is good. The data is the same through out, so the data is good. The file goes out there into never, never land, the image log file says nothing.

The document has a dynamic image running locally.
There is nothing in the Planet Image IN folder, so it didn't stop there. The services shows that Planet Image has started.

It acts as though planet watch isn't creating a temp file for Planet image to process when the number of data records is more than 20. We have used different data records and different data files. We have duplicated the data that works multiple times within the same file. It hits a record limit and falls off the planet.

Is there something in dynamic image that could be stopping the process? We have image set at best fit and on error be blank. All the dynamic images are the same.

I know Plant Image is a service, but there really, really needs to be a system in which you can monitor it when it's processing a file. I timed the length it took to process 10 records, did the math for 100 records. And you sit and wait for over 1/2 hour not knowing if you are wasting your time. Nothing is produced, nothing shows in the log files.


#22718 - 11/07/05 10:05 AM Re: How do you know its working


Click on tools->Service colsole.

In the service colsole click on PlanetPress on the left. You will then get a step by step to see what PlanetPress Image is doing.