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#22776 - 05/08/06 06:52 PM Image not triggering?
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I have several processes to handle various forms. The invoice process only prints certain invoices, and PDFs only certain invoices (more than what prints).
For some reason the PPW process is sometimes not getting triggered. It does not send me an email telling me that my conditions failed, it just doesn't seem to trigger. I found in the Image In directory that there were 5 ps files queued up from attempts to get the thing to go by doing reprints.
I tried changing a few things that I don't really think are the issue, and when I sent the configuration in PPW, stopping and starting PPW seemed to kick it off. That process was active already.
What could be causing this? It's difficult to see (for the person printing the invoices) whether Image is doing something.

#22777 - 05/09/06 09:11 AM Re: Image not triggering?


Why don't you open an issue with us and provide the following:
C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 5\PlanetPress Watch\ppwatch.cfg
as well as the document.pp5 related to the process.

The log files of PImage and PWatch may also provide us with some more information.

#22778 - 05/09/06 01:11 PM Re: Image not triggering?
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I seem to be having the same problem. However I am sending the same input file to 2 different processes, 1 for printing and 1 for creating images. These both queue up basically at the same time. The print job (process) works great, but the image (process) does not run. Log file say that it cannot find my output directory for the images. If I queue up the image process at a later time it works fine. Could I be running into some kind of a share problem with the .ptk or the dynamic images that I have on my forms?

Thanks for your help!