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#22779 - 05/10/06 12:06 PM PlanetPress Image Setup
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I installed the 30 day trial version and I am not having any luck with this working in PlanetPress or PlanetWatch. PlanetPress still shows a watermark so I don't know if it is working or not there. In PlanetWatch the process seems to be doing something, but I am not getting any pdf's at all. I sent my form from PlanetPress and it appears in the Documents folder. It also appears fine in the PlanetPress Image properties box. I am a bit confused on what "Host" I should pick- I have two to choose from, one is local and the other is I believe my network connection. The message shows "plugin PPImage completed successfully". I am very confused at this point & hope that there is just something in the setup that I have overlooked. I also do not see any PDI files being generated in the archive folder. Also, once this is resolved and I actually get pdf and pdi files, am I supposed to develop an Access database for the Search option to work??

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Choose the local host (

If you look in the C:\program files\PlanetPress suite 5\PlanetPress Image\In folder, there should not be any files. If files are present, it is because the PlanetPress Image service is not started. To start it, open the PlanetPress Suite 5 service console, then right-click on PlanetPress Image and start. You should then see a lot of messages displayed in the service console while the pdf files are created.

If the directory is empty, then check the error folder. There could an error in your document that causes postscript errors at run time. If this is the case, simply report an issue on our web site.

Thank you

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Let me begin with the wartermark, which is normal, when you do a preview or even when you print the job.
For the preview, if you don't want to have a watermark you need to buy the license for Adobe but take note that when printing (if you have your printer activated) you would not have the watermark. The preview allows you to see your result when designing a document and if there were any error, you would get some information.

When you know your document is working perfectly within PlanetPress then you send it to Ppress Watch (top menu -> File -> Send to -> PlanetPress Watch), which generate a PTK file under the subdirectory of PlanetPress Watch as well as a PS5.

Under Ppress Watch (top menu -> Tools -> User option) look under

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your confusion is understood. To help, I need to direct you to contact our Sale Representatives. You will be able to explain your inquiry into our PlanetPress Suite Solution that enables you with information and resources to explore your needs and discover there resolution in the PlanetPress Suite. If you go to our web site ( you will find our contact information. Let us know how it goes.