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#22841 - 11/01/06 04:05 PM Corrupt PDFs
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I'm running into a situation where Image is creating corrupt PDFs on occasion. When I try to open them, Adobe Reader returns a dialog with "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

Usually I can create a working PDF by using the backup file from Watch. One thing I've noticed is that the corrupt PDF's filesize tends to be 2-3K larger than the working PDF's filesize.

Has anyone run into this before? Any suggesting for things I need to look for?

#22842 - 12/22/06 11:07 AM Re: Corrupt PDFs
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We had a similiar corruption issue.

We found it to be rooted in dynamic .jpgs used in the document. The image is set to be 1" high on our page and was being scaled down from well over 10". Once we set up a process to scale the image and save the jpg before running, the issue went away.

I hope this gives some direction.