Hello OL,

After working with v5, I have noticed a few strange things with the Data Selector window, that is definitely different from v3 & v4.

First, whenever I select data then click OK to close the data selector window, if I click on the "Use Data Selector" icon again to come back into the data selector menu, my data hightlighting is no longer there, except for the very last column of the selection, i.e. data selection is on line 1, column 25-30, only column 30 is highlighted. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Second, in the Data Selector menu, in the Selector Options tab, for View Size, if I set to Smaller or Smallest nothing really happens except for the highlighting of the boxes change a bit, but the actual text doesn't get smaller, as in v3 or v4. Any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance.

Ken Stulce
Manager of Application Development
Essex Industries, Inc.