This behavior is somewhat difficult to reproduce but could make a novice user give up on PressTalk too quickly. I also apologize for the complexity of this description. I have noticed that when an existing PressTalk 'before' or 'after' macro on a page object is created or edited by opening the macro from the Object Inspector, and a syntax error/typo is then made in the code, when OK is clicked in the editor, the form-page disappears as expected, but when the page is double-clicked in the tree-view and then PressTalk 'before' or 'after' is selected to preview the code, the only way to resolve the error is to fix it either in the code-preview window and then open the PlanetPress Talk Editor and then click OK to close it; or click the 'Use PlanetPress Talk Editor' button, correct the error, click OK, and then open the PlanetPress Talk Editor again and then press OK a 2nd time. Also, from the Object Inspector, when reopening the macro in PressTalk 'before' or 'after' and correcting it, the page will not reappear unless the opposite macro is opened and closed first (i.e., if the error is in PressTalk Before, one must open the PressTalk After window even if there is nothing coded) in order for the error to clear. The net result of this is that a user may fix an error, but the editor does not recognize that the error is corrected and will not allow the user to close the Page Attributes (or other attributes) window until the Press Talk Editor is opened and closed.