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#23813 - 08/02/05 06:20 AM send to folder task is not imported correctly
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When I import a PPWatch version 4.0.43 config into Watch config version 5.0.0, all the "send to folder" tasks show a blank filename.

Looking at the XML, the imported config looks like this
If I reinput the filename and save the config again it looks like this
It took me quite a while to see the difference V4=Newname, V5=NewName.
If I edit the XML to replace Newname by NewName, the filenames reappear in the config display.


#23814 - 08/02/05 10:10 AM Re: send to folder task is not imported correctly
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This is a known problem in version 5.0.0, which will be fixed in 5.0.1. "Send to folder" output tasks created/modified with 4.0, but not touched in any way with 4.1/4.2, will have their output filename imported incorrectly.
Yannick Fortin, Team OL