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#24128 - 06/26/07 06:44 PM Working Directory
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Is there any way to set a "working directory" for data & layout files in PSM 6?

Here's the situation: We do lots of repetitive production work in PSM, and our current workflow puts shortcuts to the PDFs, data, and instructions for each job in subfolders for each job number, all under a "Production" directory. This way, production doesn't have to deal with anything else but the relevant data. This works fine, except that each time I go to insert a PDF into a template file, the directory defaults to the directory of the last PDF inserted the last time I inserted a PDF. To be clear, it does *not* default to the folder with the shortcut to the PDF, but to the target file's directory. The same thing happens with the data files.

I'd like to be able to set a working directory for PSM, so it looks for files in my production directory, instead of requiring me to go the desktop first, then a shortcut, etc. This is not a big feature, but would be a very nice convenience. In the current set-up, it is all too easy to accidentally choose the files from the previous job by mistake, because they're right there for the clicking.

#24129 - 06/29/07 07:32 AM Re: Working Directory

Setting a working directory is currently not possible, I will forward your suggestion to development so that it may be taken into account for a future release. Thank you for the input.

The type of automation you refer to can also be achieved by using Planet Press Watch processes to put new source files (PDF / database) into a processing directory with names PSM expects, execute PrintShop Mail with the desired commands (requires automated printing option), and afterwards clean up the processing directory.

For completely repetitive jobs (same design) and only a changing database, PrintShop Web may be a great solution. Not only the ordering process and proofing are automated, but you also benefit from having one central location of your up-to-date design (versioning).