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#24192 - 03/29/08 05:05 PM Treating each merged item as separate..
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Hi, I have created 1000 newsletters with names merged on the 1st and last page, newsletter is 11x17 back to back and to be folded in half....I'm using Printshop mail 6 and creating a pdf to be sent to my local kinkos.

they are telling me that their pdf booklet is taking say page 1 and then page 2000th instead of treating each merged name as a separate thing.

what do I need to tell them to get this printed right.


#24193 - 03/31/08 04:24 AM Re: Treating each merged item as separate..

When mailmerging from PrintShop Mail, a single output postscript is generated in order to achieve optimization.

The entire job will then be distilled into one PDF, and when pulling it through a booklet tool, it will assume one booklet of 2000 pages.

The best option, to ensure speedy production is having them produce it with PrintShop Mail. Another option is to create 1 PDF for each databaserecord.


#24194 - 04/23/08 07:19 AM Re: Treating each merged item as separate..
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I have the same issue. The problem I have with the suggestion to use a separate PDF per book is that this approach SUBSTANTIALLY increases the RIP time and disk space required when there are images in each book/newsletter. I had a single job that, when using separate PDFs for each newsletter, required 250gb of space... now the problem was how to get it xferred to kinkos? 50 DVDs? I think not. The same job, when output as a single, long PDF, was only 70mB using optimized postscript.

#24195 - 04/23/08 11:20 AM Re: Treating each merged item as separate..
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Subsets in one PSM job - You could provide the printshop (Kinkos) one postscript file of the complete job with the embedded end-of-set commands. Most RIPs should be able to process this.

What printer & RIP is used?

Then we can tell you what PSM print technology/settings would be used for the ps file.