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#24220 - 05/21/08 08:30 AM splitting PDF output
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when printing to PDF using the acrobat printer how can the output be split into individual PDF's rather than one large PDF file?

can it be done without using the 'split job every x' facility as the individual files I want to create have different numbers of pages.


#24221 - 06/06/08 12:55 PM Re: splitting PDF output
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In vrs 6.1, you can now split at the record/set level.

Take a PSM doc with 5 pgs. Pgs 1-3 are for Set1 & pgs 4-5 are for Set2. Add Layout conditions to id which record in the d-base gets Set1 or Set2.

Print window commands to isolate the sets:
File > Print > Print > All Records > Split job every __ records > type "1" > Print.

If you print-to-file PSM will create a ps file for each record & pg amount will be based on the set.