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#24368 - 11/05/07 11:21 AM PDF Formatting Issues
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I am creating a newsletter document from a PDF file... all of it looks great on my screen but when I print it out it has little squares through all of the words. Can someone please help? I am pushing a deadline with getting these newsletters out!

#24369 - 11/05/07 01:37 PM Re: PDF Formatting Issues

Hi Sakaywood,

Are you sure the font is entirely embedded inside the PDF, and that you are sending fonts to the printer as well?

If you print one record to the Adobe PDF printer, what is the result?

If you print one record through the designated printer driver to file, and then try to distill, what is the result?

Kind regards,

#24370 - 11/06/07 09:36 AM Re: PDF Formatting Issues
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How do I make sure the font is entirely embedded and that I'm sending it to the printer?

One record still prints all of the jibberish.


#24371 - 11/06/07 04:24 PM Re: PDF Formatting Issues
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PDF font embedding is done at the time the pdf was made with Acrobat-Distiller. Before you put the PDF into PSM.

Usually workflow: File > Print > PS Printer > Print To File > Print > PS > Distiller > PS > PDF.

In Acrobat-Distiller there are Job Options where you enable the font embedding.

#24372 - 03/16/10 10:17 AM Re: PDF Formatting Issues
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I don't know if this got resolved or not, but I was having the same problem today.
I had a 8 page pdf, to make a 4 page 8.5x11 booklet. The last page was to have the variable information for mailing.
Some of the pages printed with the "rectangular box" instead of a space in the pdf's.
I talked to a local printer and they told me to open the pdf's in Photo Shop and save them as eps. I did this and the result was no more box where the spaces should be.
I do have to for warn anyone who try's this, the preview in PSM will look horrible, but when you print the file should be original quality. It has to do with the preview of the eps file you just made, the preview is very low quality, but the actual print file is high quality.

#24373 - 03/16/10 10:58 AM Re: PDF Formatting Issues
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Have you tried this in version 7, and does the same thing happen? It might be worth it to try the latest version.

That said, when importing a pdf file, PSM will try to convert them to eps upon compilation, and it is possible that some pdf files might not be 100% compatible. PDF made made with more advanced graphics design softwares or newest versions of Acrobat may be more susceptible to cause problems. However, if they are already eps, PSM won't do any conversion, so it usually work better. If all fails, using a raster image like tiff or jpg will almost always work. (though the file size may be larger, and scaling won't be as nice)


#24374 - 03/17/10 04:02 AM Re: PDF Formatting Issues
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It is still a known issue in PSM 7.0.1; see;f=99;t=000004. We found the cause and are hoping to fix the problem in the next update of PSM.

Note that previews of EPS files will look a lot better in PSM7 compared to PSM6. PSM7 actually renders the EPS at a dynamic resolution instead of displaying the embedded low-res TIFF preview.