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#24377 - 02/28/08 06:35 PM Mutiple records same page custom spacing
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Hi All,

I have a job where I need 6up compliment slips on a SRA3 sheet BUT the space inbetween each comp slip is not the same. This is due to substrate shrinkage and post process requirements. I know theres the repetion options but they only allow a static amount of space.

So, can I basically make a layout where I place the data from 6 records on the sheet which PSM then just take 6 consecutive records there after????


Peter Edwards

#24378 - 07/15/08 02:30 PM Re: Mutiple records same page custom spacing


If you wish to have 6 different records per page and so on, then the repetition feature is exactly what you need.

As for the custom spacing between each repetition, I will need to see your form to advice further.

I suggest you click here to open an issue with us.



#24379 - 10/03/08 04:18 AM Re: Mutiple records same page custom spacing
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This is a problem I have come up against a few times.. Simplest solution is to to 6up the data so that you have 6 records on one line of data with fields coded ie Name-1, Add1-1 - Name-2, Add1-2 etc and then set up a single page 1 record layout - but because the data is multi up this allows you to position each record separately and not be limited by the fixed positioning of n-up PSM layout