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#24435 - 02/26/09 12:15 PM Anchored signature overlapping text
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I am using PSM 6.1.2 on Windows XP.

I have created several documents that are basic letters - a text box containing text (some variable data), followed by a signature (TIF or JPG) anchored to the text box, then another text box anchored to the signature (no variable text).


I have 'Snap Frame to Content' switched on for Text1 since my merged data often makes the text wrap onto additional lines. When scrolling through records on screen in PSM, the signature moves up and down with Text1 fine.

My first issue is that sometimes I open up PSM and notice that the signature and Text2 have moved up so that the signature overlaps the last line of Text1, and Text2 moves up to overlap the signature.

I have tried locking both the signature and text boxes but this doesn't seem to help. This overlap is also an issue when printing.

My second issue also relates to the signature (and the same documents) and is almost the opposite of the above!

I've noticed that even when I place the signature directly below Text1 (so there is almost no space between the box edges), when printing to PDF or a printer a rather large space appears above the signature (maybe up to an inch). This means some of my letters end up with the signature and Text2 right at the bottom of the page with no room for anything else; yet on screen in PSM it looks like there is plenty of room before the bottom of the page.

Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

#24436 - 03/11/09 05:04 AM Re: Anchored signature overlapping text


I assume that the height of the text box you use is rather large. The difference is caused by the screen preview renderer (GDI) that renders fonts slightly different then a printer / PDF.

The larger the text box, the bigger the difference, eventually possibly resulting in an image appearing to be misplaced - where actually it is the text that is different in size.

We use the RichEdit component (identical to wordpad) for displaying text, and unfortunately, this font behaviour is inside this component making it hard for us to change.

However, there is a work around.

Try to minimize the size of your text boxes. If text is static, have it in a PDF background rather then in text boxes.

Or, use multiple text boxes (1 per paragraph for instance) if you really must have a lot of text pieces with variables in them - the x,y starting position of a text box is accurate, so this will minimize the impact of the different rendering.

1) Try to minimize usage of text boxes, everything static in PDF/EPS (improves optimization as well)
2) Split text into multiple boxes

Hope this helps.


#24437 - 04/07/09 07:21 AM Re: Anchored signature overlapping text

The first issue is a problem in 6.1 which will be solved in 6.2.

Regarding the second issue: could you send us your file or a testfile, so we could check if this is fixed in 6.2 too?